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****September 2022

Maple Grove Parade 2021

Security cameras protect what matters most


In addition to traditional security systems, security cameras have been found to reduce and deter crime, especially if they are visible to potential criminals. Security cameras capture footage at your home or business that you can view from your smart device or computer using an internet connection. Some cameras are motion activated and send an alert when motion is detected and some record and stream video 24/7. They can provide home and business owners peace of mind, helping to protect what matters most.

Mobile app showing different video camera views in a home security system

Product of the month:

Medical alerts


WH Security's on-the-go medial alert solution is designed to protect our clients with the push of a button. This solution is perfect for adults that are not homebound, but occasionally need medical assistance. It's features include:

  • Round-the-clock assistance
  • GPS system allows greater freedom for the active individual
  • Two-way voice communication alling
  • Fall detection available

Tech Corner with John Truenow

Environmental sensing devices 


With all the connectivity in our lives, we’re always looking for something to watch our property while we are away. Environmental sensors are one sure way to protect our homes and businesses — especially here in Minnesota.

Technology in the alarm industry is always making advancements and improvements with the customer experience. An example of this is water and temperature monitoring. Thermostats only monitor the temperature near the thermostat but environmental sensors give a live display of conditions in specific areas of the home. The sensor I’m referring to is called Alula Trident Tri-Mode Environmental Sensor and it works in three ways.

First, it is a water sensor that detects the presence of water where the sensor is located. Second, as a temperature sensor to detect freezing temperatures and lastly to detect overheat conditions. When this sensor is programmed appropriately, you can view real time conditions with the user app for the alarm system. 

Traditional alarm systems have gone well beyond the historical definition of monitoring for intrusion and fire. Environmental sensing is becoming just as important if not more important in some cases for protecting what one has.


Apple orchard comparisons


Headed to an apple orchard this fall? We picked six nearby orchards and created this chart to make it easy to decide where to go. Happy picking!

Home security system keypad




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