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****March 2022

Maple Grove Parade 2021

Is a doorbell camera right for you?


Doorbell cameras are growing in popularity. People like to see who’s coming and going and want to keep an eye on their packages. But a doorbell camera won’t work for everyone. Here’s why…

Mobile app showing different video camera views in a home security system

Product of the month:

Monitored Motion Sensors


Each security system starts with basic intrusion protection. This means protecting your doors and windows and installing motion sensors in rooms where applicable. A motion sensor will detect motion inside your home and alert our local, 24/7 monitoring center right away. Then, they'll contact you and the authorities.

Often, people think that owning indoor pets that move around during the day will set off motion sensors, but that’s not the case if the system is set up properly. Pet friendly options are available. 

Home security system keypad

Tech Corner


Question: I received a call from your monitoring station and I have a communication failure. What should I do?

Answer: You should test your system by calling the monitoring station at 800.858.7811 and asking them to put your system on test. Next, arm the system and open a door to trigger the siren. Then, disarm your system. This will typically resolve the issue. If not, you will need to talk to the service department by calling 763.477.3664.

Home security system keypad




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