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**** March 2020

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Protecting garages and outbuildings


There are many ways a security system can protect your home, but systems from WH Security can also help you protect your garage and outbuildings. This is where people store vehicles, tools, holiday decorations and family keepsakes – and those items should be protected, as well.


If you’d like to know when your garage door is open and shut, we can install the LiftMaster myQ, which attaches to the garage door opener itself and allows you to open and close it remotely via WiFi. Many homeowners with heated garages rely on this technology as it allows them to know the status of the garage door so they aren’t sending all that heat outside.


WH Security also offers a variety of ways to protect both attached and detached garages, along with larger out buildings.


Freeze sensors from WH Security help protect your home from damage due to cold temperatures

Product of the month:

Water sensors


A water sensor comes in many forms of sensor configuration. Two types of water sensors can be installed by WH Security Specialists, one in the sump pump pit for high ground water detection due to pump failure and one on the surface of the floor near a drain or appliance that contains water.


Early detection is key to avoiding major costs from water damage. When water is detected by these sensors, we will alert you (or someone you designate) that the detector has sensed a condition so you can take action. You can rest easy knowing your water sensors are always on and are monitored 24 hours a day whether your alarm system is armed or disarmed.



Tech corner


There’s a beeping noise in my house, what is it?

More than half of the phone calls to our technicians are customers calling because they hear a beeping noise and believe it is their alarm system, even if the system panel is clear. WH Security smoke sensors do not beep, so our first step is to ask the customer if they have any smoke detectors that were not installed by us, or if they have a store-bought CO2 sensor plugged into the wall. In many cases, these products are the ones beeping.

If you hear beeping, check your system panel to see if it shows a trouble condition. If your system is showing a trouble condition, please calls us at 763.477.3664.





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