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**** July 2020

WH Security tips for spotting email scams

Life is changing. We're here for you.


Life is changing and so are our priorities. One thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of security. We care about you and hope you are staying safe and healthy. We thank you for trusting WH Security to help protect what matters most.


Things are starting to open up, but COVID-19 continues to impact the customers we serve. Your safety matters to us and our work has continued uninterrupted. We are taking extra precautions to ensure both you and our staff are safe. Our way of life continues to change as stores and restaurants begin to open. Our security experts are here for you and will continue to meet your security needs. Security is our business, it’s what we do every day. 


Now, more than ever, you have a lot to take care of. Let us help take care of you. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.



Freeze sensors from WH Security help protect your home from damage due to cold temperatures

Product of the month:

Water sensors


WH Security provides two main types of water sensors to help protect what matters most and limit the amount of damage done in the event of an environmental emergency. 


One style of water sensor has external contact points. When water makes contact with them it shorts the device and triggers the central processing unit (CPU), which notifies the monitoring center. This style is commonly placed along the bottom of walls or near a drain for surface water detection. 


The other style we install is a float-style water sensor, which goes in the sump tank. When water reaches the level of the device, a portion of it starts to float up. When it reaches a certain height, it triggers the CPU and notifies the monitoring center. 


Adding water sensors to your security system will not increase the monthly monitoring fee, and these sensors are always on, whether your alarm system is armed or not.



Tech corner


How do I update my contact information and why is that important?

To update your contact information, call WH Security at 763.477.3664 or the WHIRC monitoring center at 800.858.7811.  It’s important to keep your contact information up to date so that if and when the response center has to get a hold of you for an emergency, trouble or false alarm, they have the correct contact information. We don’t 

want them trying to call numbers that have been eliminated as it delays our ability to reach you regarding a potential emergency in your home. 


Keeping your contact information current also helps our service center schedule service calls to ensure your system is always working properly. If you have questions, give us a call.


Five quick trips to take this summer


This summer, many events we enjoy have been canceled and places we love are closed. This provides a great opportunity to explore something new! Here are a few destinations that are open for you to consider. 






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