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bend > bent > bent.


bend > bent > bent. So inflected (although on bended knee is a set phrase). Occasionally the verb gets bent out of shape—e.g.:

  • “A teammate dummied a run over the ball, and then Mikacenic hit a right-footed shot—Lakeside’s first of the game—that bended [read bent] up and around Mount Rainier’s four-player wall and into the far-post side netting.” Melanie Brennan, “Girls Soccer: Lakeside Ousts Mount Rainier,” Seattle Times, 22 Nov. 1997, at B7.

  • “He rolled and bended [read bent] the wrist to prove its mobility and strength.” Paul Grondahl, “Racing Form,” Times Union (Albany), 26 July 1998, at T2.

  • “Lest anyone accuse my little one of being partisan, she might well have copied Hillary Clinton’s Democratic National Convention address if we had bended [read bent] the bedtime rule to allow her to stay up to watch it.” Jennifer Wheary, “Copying the ‘Can-Do’ Sarah Palin,” Newsday (N.Y.), 8 Sept. 2008, at A29.

        But in soccer, bended is the accepted past-tense and part-participial form of bend (= to kick a ball with enough spin to make it curve)—e.g.: “[Keenan] Seguancia bended his free kick to the edge of the 6-yard box and [Leslie] Nwapa got past the defense and knocked it in.” Kyle Sakamoto, “Roosevelt 2, Àiea 1,” Honolulu Advertiser, 25 Jan. 2008, at D2.



Quotation of the Day:

"I don't know where we all got the thought that ideas come in a blinding flash or that we can learn how to be struck with creative new ideas. Not many ideas come that way. The best ideas are the result of the same slow, selective, cognitive process that produces the sum of a column of figures. Anyone who waits to be struck with a good idea has a long wait coming. If I have a deadline for a column or a television script, I sit down at the typewriter and damn well decide to have an idea. There's nothing magical about the process, no flashing lights. Creativity is a byproduct of hard work. If I never have another really new idea, it won't matter. Enough writers are already explaining the new, the far-out, and the obscure. We don't understand the old ideas yet. I'm satisfied trying to quantify the obvious. We have our ideas. What we need now are more people who can do something good with them.” 

— Andy Rooney


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