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hypostatize /hi-pos-tә-tiz/ (= to make an idea into, or to regard it as, a self-existent substance or person) has been standard since the early 19th century. *Hypostasize is a needless variant.


Current ratio in books (hypostatized vs.

*hypostasized): 2:1


Quotation of the Day: "[F]atalism about language cannot be the philosophy of those who care about language; it is the illogical philosophy of their opponents. Surely the notion that, because usage is ultimately what everybody does to words, nobody can or should do anything about them is self-contradictory. Somebody, by definition, does something; and this something is best done by those with convictions and a stake in the outcome, whether the stake of private pleasure or of professional duty does not matter. Resistance always begins with individuals.” 

—Wilson Follett


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