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****November 2021

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How can a security system help protect your pets?


We help families protect what matters most every day, and that includes pets. Often, people think that owning indoor pets that move around during the day will be a problem, but that’s not the case if the system is set up properly. 

WH Security systems are designed to set up a safety perimeter around your house through the use of door and window sensors. Our door and window sensors are triggered by the act of opening a door or window – and are not impacted by motion inside the home. As long as your pet hasn’t figured out how to open the window or door, you’re safe to install window and door sensors. And there are many more ways a system can protect your pets! 

Mobile app showing different video camera views in a home security system

Product of the month:

Monitored Smoke Sensors


To help protect you and your home from fire damage, WH Security offers monitored smoke and fire sensors that are connected to your home security system. These sensors are designed to detect the presence of smoke and/or a significant increase in temperature. If either of these situations occur, an audible alarm will go off immediately and dispatchers will be contacted. The dispatchers will notify you and the fire department of the situation, so action can be taken.

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Tech Corner


Question: Is your alarm monitoring center located in the United States? 

Answer: Yes! All WH Security systems and medical alerts are monitored locally by WH International Response Center (WHIRC), which is a leading national central station monitoring partner for response system dealers. The people responding to your alerts at WHIRC are local people located in Minnesota. Because they are part of our community, they care and give excellent service when you need it.

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