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**** November 2020

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Winter safety tips for your home


When the temperature drops and snow starts to fly, it’s time to think about the effect winter weather can have on your home. Two key things to look out for are significant temperature drops and/or carbon monoxide in the home.


Freeze sensors from WH Security help protect your home from damage due to cold temperatures

Product of the month:

Freeze sensors


WH Security offers freeze sensor technology that is designed to detect temperature drops in the home, helping prevent freeze damage from occurring. How does it work? These environmental sensors are mounted in your home, often under the kitchen sink, and detect if the in-home temperature drops below 42 degrees. If this happens, the sensor alerts our monitoring center. Dispatchers will then inform you of the situation so you can take action to warm up your home before the pipes freeze and burst.



Tech corner


My security system says I have a tamper on my door. What does this mean?



This error message occurs when a wireless sensor in the house has a loose cover, or a cover might not be closed tightly after replacing a battery (see image showing lose cover at bottom). All of our wireless sensors have a tamper switch, spring or magnet. When it’s not closed properly, the system will alert you so you know something has been tampered with. To fix it, go around your home and check each wireless sensor to make sure the covers are secured tightly. Still need help? Contact us!





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