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**** September 2020

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New medical alert for on-the-go individuals


WH Security is pleased to announce a new on-the-go medial alert solution designed to protect your loved one with the push of a button. This solution is perfect for adults that are not home bound, but occasionally need medical assistance. 


Freeze sensors from WH Security help protect your home from damage due to cold temperatures

Product of the month:

Carbon monoxide sensors


With the onset of cold weather, this is an important time of year to take precautions and protect your home from poisonous carbon monoxide (CO). Monitored CO sensors from WH Security will alert you if your environment becomes unsafe. If you happen to be away from home when a CO leak occurs, the sensor will activate the alarm panel and send a signal to the monitoring center. Then, professionals take action and make the appropriate calls to individuals and authorities notifying them of the issue. If you have pets, having this device monitored is very important for their safety. With a monitored CO sensor in your home, you get the added benefit of someone watching over you – whether you are home or not. 


If you already have CO detectors in your home, keep in mind that their average lifespan is 5-7 years. Look for a label explaining how long they can be in operation. After this, failure or false alarms can occur, making the device unreliable. Please check and test your CO detectors regularly. 



Tech corner


Do I need to upgrade my system?


This depends heavily on each individual situation. Systems themselves have not changed a whole lot, but what has changed very much is all the interactive features. Generally, a system that is more than 10 years old may not be compatible with the latest interactive services. And if your system communicates on 3G technology, you will need to upgrade because your system will soon no longer be able to communicate with the monitoring center.


You will need to upgrade if:

  • Your system communicates on 3G technology
  • You want to get interactive services and have a legacy, non-current system
  • Your system is all wired, but you want to add more protection wirelessly
  • You have an old system (generally, more than 10 years) and want to add items
  • You disconnect your land line. In this case, you will need to upgrade to a system that connects via cell or IP communication  


Think you might need an upgrade? Contact us!





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